The 2nd ICEF Middle East Scholarship Summit Begins in Oman

Muscat, Oman 14/09/2023 In a pivotal moment for international education, the 2nd ICEF Middle East Scholarship Summit has officially been set in motion. The Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation (MoHERI) of Oman, in #collaboration with ICEF and Gulf Conferences, held an influential press conference marking the commencement of a significant chapter. The event featured signing agreements, solidifying the strong #partnership among these organizations dedicated to enhancing global educational #opportunities.
Esteemed dignitaries, led by HE Rahma Al-Mahrooqi, Minister for Higher Education, Research, and Innovation (MoHERI); Anthony Lee (FCIM) representing ICEF; and Abdelkhalig Osman W Mohamed from Gulf Conferences, presided over the press conference at the Ministry of Education in Oman. This gathering brought together prominent figures in global education, #university #leaders, government officials, and members of the media, all preparing for insightful discussions that would chart the course for the upcoming Summit scheduled for February.
The 2nd ICEF Middle East Scholarship Summit, slated for February 18-19, 2024, stands as a unique platform that has already successfully connected international educators with influential scholarship providers from the Middle East. This Summit is tailored to meet the Middle East’s ever-evolving educational needs and dynamics.
Ministers from the GCC countries have been invited to participate in the upcoming event. They will attend the #inauguration ceremony, lead their respective delegations, and engage in roundtable meetings. This involvement underscores the region’s commitment to fostering #international education #collaboration and signifies a collective effort to shape the future of education in the Middle East.
Participants will have an exceptional opportunity to:
#Interact with more than 100 GCC Heads of Scholarships.

Customize their engagements based on specific target markets.

Foster enduring partnerships with sponsoring government agencies and recruit students.

Establish invaluable connections and cultivate collaborations with regional governments and esteemed universities.

Interface with decision-makers enthusiastic about devising new scholarship distribution channels.

It is an event not just about numbers but about nurturing personal connections, understanding the Middle Eastern culture, and tapping into an education market segment that controls over US$20 billion in scholarship funds.
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Further information is available on the official event website: