Rebecca Fayad

Rebecca Fayad is a current Chemical Engineering student at Imperial College, London, and a visionary entrepreneur with a remarkable track record spanning over various domains. In 2021, she was honoured with the prestigious International Leadership Award by the Council of British Schools, a testament to her outstanding contributions.

Rebecca’s entrepreneurial journey commenced while attending school in Dubai, with the founding of her first business, 100%Bracelets, which has evolved into a prominent national initiative. Her commitment to driving positive change led her to become a UN student leader and establish an EdTech NGO, Hand-in-Hand, furthering educational opportunities for 1500+ individuals. 

Simultaneously, she has successfully organised and hosted a national TEDEd Conference while serving as both the chair and secretary-general of an international, The Hague International Model United Nations (ThiMUN)  Conference.

Rebecca’s academic focus on renewable energies aligns seamlessly with her dedication to providing entrepreneurship and investment opportunities, ensuring inclusivity for all students. She strives to not only inspire but to actively create environments and opportunities that enable others to thrive

Events of the Speaker
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22 November 2023
The Beyond Concepts forum brings together education pioneers, practitioners, and government representatives from the MENA region and worldwide. The event focuses on how technology is shaping education and will include interactive workshops, panels, and demonstrations from technology providers. This year, a call for papers and a poster competition have been introduced to add more perspectives to the forum, providing opportunities for networking and creating successful international partnerships.