Pr.Farah Chahrazad BELMABROUK

 Professor in Conservative Odontology and Endodontics. 

University Oran1, Ahmed Ben Bella and Oran University Hospital Center. Algeria

Professor Belmabrouk has been working as a teacher in the Department of Dentistry at the Faculty of Medicine the University Oran1 Ahmed Ben Bella in Algeria since 2011 and as a practitioner in the Conservative Odontology-Endodontics department of the Oran University Hospital Center. She was the former assistant head of the dentistry department in charge of post-graduation. She is a researcher and team leader at the Conservative Odontology-Endodontics research laboratory. She has a keen interest in medical research and has written many publications and scientific works. She is a passionate, dedicated, and meticulous person who loves to explore and research in higher education and public health. She likes to spend time with her family, play sports and promote oral health awareness.

Events of the Speaker
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22 November 2023
The Beyond Concepts forum brings together education pioneers, practitioners, and government representatives from the MENA region and worldwide. The event focuses on how technology is shaping education and will include interactive workshops, panels, and demonstrations from technology providers. This year, a call for papers and a poster competition have been introduced to add more perspectives to the forum, providing opportunities for networking and creating successful international partnerships.