Peter Kilcoyne

Peter has worked in Further and Higher Education since 1986 as a Teacher, Curriculum Manager and Learning Technology Director. He is best known for setting up the Blended Learning Consortium in 2015 which has grown to include over 160 Further Education Colleges working together on developing online content and sharing best practices in all things digital. 

In addition to his work in the UK Peter has worked on a range of international projects providing onsite support and training in the use of learning management systems and blended learning in Universities in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Liberia, Kenya and Zambia in partnership with Computeraid International. 

Peter is currently delivering a World Bank-funded project to develop a blended learning strategy for the Ministry of Education in Jordan. 

Peter’s other current project is an AI tool called TeacherMatic. Development on this started in  October 2022 in partnership with 3 colleagues with the support of the UFI VocTech Trust. 

Since its launch in April 2023, TeacherMatic has been adopted by over 40 Schools, Colleges and Universities and has over 7000 active users.

Events of the Speaker
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22 November 2023
The Beyond Concepts forum brings together education pioneers, practitioners, and government representatives from the MENA region and worldwide. The event focuses on how technology is shaping education and will include interactive workshops, panels, and demonstrations from technology providers. This year, a call for papers and a poster competition have been introduced to add more perspectives to the forum, providing opportunities for networking and creating successful international partnerships.