Mr. Ahmad Obeidat

Ahmad Obeidat is the founder/ CEO of Unihance. With more than 9 years of experience in Data science, AI and R&D and with holding a Nuclear engineering BA degree, Ahmad pursued his career as an AI R&D Lead, principle and a consultant. After that, from Ahmad’s experience in self-paced online learning he founded Unihance, an eLearning platform designed to enable fellow students to have clear vision after graduation, and produce enough qualified graduates with skills that served the needs of the emerging knowledge economy, and update them with the latest technologies and technical skills that are used in the current and future market.

Ahmad believes that the idea of Unihance was initially difficult. His interests are widely varied, extending from biology to philosophy and from art to technology. He has come to see peer-to-peer E-learning as a discipline that can satisfy and further develop people’s interests.

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    23 February 2020
    This conference done in partnership with The University of Business and Technology, explored the relationship between universities and the fourth industrial revolution with a view to universities shaping it more effectively and preparing society to make the most of it....