Dr. Tom Fleming

Dr Tom Fleming is a global authority on the creative economy, cultural development and the role of the arts in society. He is Director of the leading creative economy and cultural consultancy and research agency, Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy (TFCC): www.tfconsultancy.co.uk His work focuses on advising governments, municipalities and institutions across the world to develop effective research, policy, strategy and action.

He has led strategic research projects in every region. Major clients include The World Bank, UNESCO, European Commission, British Council, Arts Councils, Film Councils, multiple governments, municipalities, universities, cultural and educational organisations and NGOs. Recent projects in MENA include a Creative Economy Strategy for Kuwait, a Creative Economy development programme (focusing on education and technology transformation) for the UAE, and ongoing consultancy to support creative and cultural development in Egypt and Lebanon.

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    25 May 2022
    The Middle East Thought Leadership Forum took place in London in 2022, after a successful virtual event the previous year. The forum showcased education innovations and provided a platform for attendees to network, attend workshops, and participate in panel discussions. The event was well received, and attendees gained valuable insights and connections to help shape the future of education.