Dr. Nader Ghazal

Educator, MIT Certified professional in AI and digital technologies, policies expert

1. PhD in Artificial Intelligence since 1991, from USA.

2. Certified professional in Digital Transformation and Digital Platforms Strategies from MIT University, USA.

3. University lecturer in Project Management, Strategic Management, leadership, Engineering, Technology Innovation and Creativity, and Entrepreneurship Management, for 31 years.

4. Visiting Professor at Khalifa University Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Systems (Graduate Program) for teaching Technology Strategies, Creativity,  Innovation and Entrepreneurial Organizations.

5. Advisor in Technology Strategies and Investment to the Arab Science and Technology Foundation, UAE, since 2003.

6. Former Advisor to the Prime Minister of Lebanon for International Cooperation.

7. Former Advisor to the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Administrative Reform in Lebanon.

8. Former mayor of Tripoli, Lebanon, and President of Alfayha Union of 4 Cities. 

9. Designed many Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs in areas related to Digital Technologies, Admin Reform, and Process Reengineering and Restructuring. 

10. Led tens of business and IT consulting projects and trainings, in Ministries as well as private sectors. 

11. Participated in formulating the transformation of the State of Bahrain to the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

12. Led tens of high-level trainings for public directors on policy design and legislation implementation strategies. 

13. Recipient of the National Research Distinction Award from Canada, besides many local, regional and international awards, certificates of appreciation and shields for his professional scientific achievements and public servant work.

14. launched the national initiative “Tripoli – the Economy Capital of Lebanon” which was endorsed by the prime minister of the government of Lebanon. 

15. Director/partner of i-DOT group for Digital Transformation & Technologies. 

16. Advised hundreds of students on their graduation projects, on all University levels degrees. 

17. Presented many keynote speeches, presentations, and lectures, in regional and international conferences. 

18. Participated in many TV / Radio debates on AI and Emerging Technologies implementation, besides other public interest issues. 

Dr. Ghazal is passionate about advancing the fields of AI, and emerging digital technology, in a balanced manner and helping states/countries formulate high-level policies and strategies to leverage their implementation benefits in all aspects. 

He strives to inspire his students to become leaders in technology and successful entrepreneurs who can contribute to the development of their communities and societies.

Events of the Speaker
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22 November 2023
The Beyond Concepts forum brings together education pioneers, practitioners, and government representatives from the MENA region and worldwide. The event focuses on how technology is shaping education and will include interactive workshops, panels, and demonstrations from technology providers. This year, a call for papers and a poster competition have been introduced to add more perspectives to the forum, providing opportunities for networking and creating successful international partnerships.