Dr. Marcel Hattingh

Dr. Marcel Hattingh is a co-founder and managing partner of CCI Professional – a consulting house that specialises in Industry 4 enabled human capital investment strategies. Additional to this role, he is also a co-founder of The Foundery, an executive member of Arbor Capital, and continues to serve the Doxa Deo group in a leadership capacity since 2000. Before his current roles, Marcel co-pioneered the City Changers Institute (CCI) – a multi-disciplinary higher educational service provider; where he served as the Director.

Marcel holds a structured and research-based Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University USA. With a core passion for creating sustainable organisations, his expertise ranges from mastery of leadership to organisational design, M&A human capital integration strategies, as well as various philosophical and spiritual fields. As a member of the Institute of Directors, Marcel continues to serve on various none- and full-profit boards where he gained significant experience in governance level functioning. Marcel is certified with Xpand – a Northern European consultancy and a skilled neuro-leadership practitioner. Furthermore, he is licensed in AI meta-tools such as the NXTmove business analysis system and Shadowmatch.

Following a vocational season in Scotland, both Marcel and his wife Zanti were ordained as ministers of religion in 2005. As global citizens, their family of four is currently based in Pretoria – South Africa, from where they impact and empower leaders across the globe.

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