Dr. Husam Zaman

An inspiring, visionary, and agile leader with over 15 years’ progressive experience in transformational roles in leading education and governmental institutions. He is also currently serving on several boards, supreme national councils, and global advisory committees in the sectors of education, culture and performance measurement.

Dr. Zaman has contributed to the development of several high-profile national projects, including the Human Capability Development Program of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, New Higher Education Charter, and the National Qualification Framework. In the various roles he recently held, he worked toward enhancing Saudi Arabia’s participation in several international organizations and projects, and actively participated as a keynote speaker and panelist in several national and international conferences and forums.

With a PhD in administration and policy studies from the University of Pittsburgh in USA in 2006, Dr. Zaman’s focus and specialty include enhancing the capabilities of the institutions he has led by improving both the quality of their outputs and the efficiency of resources utilization through strategic planning, institutional restructuring, and departmental merger and integration, digital transformation, and building partnerships.

The most notable initiatives he has led for organizations include developing high impact strategies, undertaking institutional change including digital transformations, the rebranding of institutions, creating common cultures, and unifying employee salary scales and benefits from different sectors, activating cooperative partnerships with national and international institutions, and empowering women and youth.

Dr. Zaman is a transformational strategist with the ability to implement comparatively fast change with the continuous evaluation of performance and efficiency. His value proposition to companies and Boards is centred around leading regional and national organizations (including universities) in developing, implementing, and maintaining change-related initiatives, including the re-structuring, merging, unifying, and identity-rebranding of national and regional institutions.

Core Skills Include: Relationship Building, Commercial Acumen, Data Driven, Technology Enabler, Efficiency/Cost-Effectiveness, Strategic Thinking, Understanding of Government/Business Relations/Functional Areas, Thoughtful/Inclusive Leadership

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