GCC Exhibition For Training & Education 2023

The increasing number of graduates in the UAE and the mounting requirements present a big challenge for the youth of UAE. Education and training are options to bridge this strategic gap occurring between public education and the current Labour market when the students graduate. UAE Exhibition for Education, after similar successful Events in Kingdom of Bahrain has come to meet the aspirations of young Bahrainis.

This educational opportunity promises youth a bright future in the Labour market through meeting with senior professors at various Universities and Colleges, both local and international. Internationally recognized Universities with various undergraduate majors, academic programs and certificates of training and professional qualifications will be invited to UAE Exhibition for Higher Education, 2023.

BENEFITS: Educational Opportunities: The GCC Education fair provides students with a chance to explore the different educational opportunities available in the region.

Cost Savings: The students can get information on various scholarship and funding options available, which can help them save on tuition and other related costs.

Career Guidance: The experts present at the fair can provide students with valuable career guidance to help them choose the right course for their respective needs.


The exhibition will be physical and in attendance as well to suit the precautionary measures according to the given instructions.


Gulf Education Exhibition (a specialized exhibition for Gulf universities in the region targeting students for public and private schools) helps students interact with specializations in the future and preparing them to choose the appropriate specializations for them before graduating and joining the university.

The expertise and guidance provided by specialists and university academics goes beyond reading about… Each and every university where the student can see, manage and participate in it in a practical way helping them choose the majors and universities that suit their interests and motivating them to pursue insight and creativity.


The exhibition hosts representatives from prestigious and accredited universities and colleges from all around the GCC. During the exhibition, they will be fully prepared to provide the student with detailed information about the study programs, the academic qualifications available to them, the conditions for admission as well answer all questions from students and their parents about the study, the mechanism, application, fees, scholarships, etc. Some universities offer instant terms of application and acceptance study for the student if he/she has the required completed relevant documents.


Networking: The GCC Education fair provides an excellent platform for institutions and potential students to network and discuss various educational opportunities available.

Showcase: The fair showcases the various educational opportunities offered by the institutions that are present in the fair. This provides potential students with the chance to make an informed decision on their respective courses.

Access to Experts: Potential students get to meet and discuss with the experts from various educational institutions at the GCC Education fair. This enables the students to clear their doubts and ask pertinent questions.

CPD Activities: The fair also hosts various CPD activities, such as seminars and workshops, which provide helpful insights into the educational path they should take.

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