This conference is a really important opportunity for the UK education community to find out more about what’s happening in Qatar and develop possible partnerships and relationships. They need to learn more, to meet people from Qatar and this conference has provided this opportunity.

Simon Winetroube
British Council Director, Qatar

This is a platform for the exchange of ideas, initiate new ideas, for launching ideas and projects. It is a very important, interactive, dynamic event, I am very pleased to be part of it.

Mr Talal Abu Ghazeleh
President of AROQA

Britain has historic ties with the Gulf region, we are very proud of those connections, we are keen to see students from the Gulf Region come to study in Britain and of course, we are also keen to see British universities, British academics, and students having taken the opportunity of studying and researching in the Gulf.

The Rt Hon David Willetts, MP
UK Minister for Universities and Science

This is a golden opportunity for us to meet people from different parts of the world. People who are experienced education, education reform and it will be a good opportunity for us to network with a lot of people who can collaborate with us.

Dr. Ali Al Karni
Director General, Arab Bureau of Education

For me, this conference has been a great opportunity to widen my network, see what other people do, exchange notes and experiences and see who is out there looking to invest in higher education.

Prof. Dlawer Ala′Aldeen
Former Minster of Education and Scientific Research Kurdistan

This Gulf Education Conference is a terrific opportunity for all of us involved in education, teachers through to lecturers, through business though government organizations, to come together. To understand what the requirements are from the point of view from those delivering the solutions and also for those receiving the solutions, to understand future technology. So it’s a terrific example, and I think a unique opportunity that Gulf Conferences have created to bring all of us in one place.

Grant Holdom
Vice President, Gulf Region PEARSON

Thank you for the opportunity to attend this very interesting and well-organized event in Jeddah. I thought the keynotes were very thoughtful and engaged, and there was a great spirit of coming together to share experience in a joint effort to improve education provision in the Kingdom. I also participated in some very interesting workshop sessions.

Steve Murray
Education Specialist at Cambridge International Examinations

I have been attending the Gulf Education Conference since it began – both as a keynote speaker and also as a participant. This is a must-attend event if you have interests and priorities in the MENA region. The sessions are valuable, the contributors are movers and shakers, and the networking is essential. I have gained so much, personally and professionally from this conference – and it has benefited my business tremendously.

Professor Martin Henson
Khozama Academic Consulting

I have attended many many conferences and chaired a few and I don’t think I can remember one where there has been this degree of open exchange, animation and passion about learning and that makes me very excited.

Adam Lomas
Director of Learning and Research, QFBA

What’s valuable from a conference like this is that the big problems, the big issues within the Gulf region require big solutions, they often require big multi-stake holders solutions. So a conference like this is an opportunity to meet stakeholders who offer’s actually mesh and you can build coalitions and I think coalitions are important to address the kind of issues we are hearing about at the conference.

Peter Clack
Director Education, MENA, British Council

I think the conference has been extremely good, first class. You have a wide selection of people, what my session has shown it was that one is not just talking about classes room, one is not just talking about education in the tradition sense. You are talking much more widely than that. So an extremely good conference and one that should be repeated.

Lord Norman Fowler
The Thomson Foundation

This conference, it’s really wonderful to get to see people, get to hear what others are doing when it comes to education especially in the Gulf region where it seems there is a lot of good things happening but not many people are talking to each other. So this has been really a great opportunity to get networking and learning with others and about others.

Dr. Hanada Taha-Thomure
Associate Dean, Bahrain′s Teachers College, Bahrain Unversity

I think, Gulf Education this year has provided us with a good basis of having various conversations with different people from different representatives from the MiddleEast. It s been very good.

Aaron Fright
Regional Director, SMART Technologies, Middle East

Qatar is a small country and we have a small size of human resources.The only way we can achieve our objectives is through partnerships with international universities, academia, so through this conference, we will have the best opportunity to meet these people.

Dr. Sheika Abdulla Al Misnad
President of Qatar University