Al Khaleej: Emirates Participation in the Activities of the First Gulf Forum for Education in London

Al Khaleej: Emirates Participation in the Activities of the First Gulf Forum for Education in London

Reed Hamad Al Shehri Al Dhahiri, Businesswoman, a member of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, participated in the first Gulf Education Forum in London, which examines investment opportunities in the GCC education sector, which concludes today.


Al Dhahri said that the forum is of great importance in light of the presence of a large number of representatives of the major educational institutions in the Gulf region and the presence of representatives of international institutions interested in investing in this area. She added that she participated in the Middle East Education Fund, which is looking at investment opportunities in education in the region, and how to raise this field, which achieves rewarding investment returns, as well as contributing to the development of generations and their scientific and cognitive development and drive them towards innovation.


She pointed out that there is a trend among a number of UAE and Arab investors as well as prominent international financial institutions to establish an investment fund dedicated to establishing and supporting educational projects in the Gulf region and the Middle East, pointing out that such a fund will have a positive impact in advancing the education process and improving the educational, at various levels.


Emirati businesswoman Reed Al Dhahri recently opened the Green Valley Language School in Egypt. The school is an Emirati investment company established by Al Dhahri together with a group of Egyptian partners.


This is the first partnership between an Emirati businesswoman and Egyptian partners in the field of education. All parties are seeking to expand, open new schools and advertise an investment portfolio for the Egyptian education sector.


Source: Al Khaleej

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