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Gulf Conferences Bringing people together

Gulf Conferences is a leading event organiser with specific expertise in events that have a MENA region representation.

Experts in the positioning and marketing all logistical elements of any event

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Bridging the gap between employment and education

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The World Scholarship Program

Under the Gulf Education umbrella the event was launched in response

to the fast paced and progressive changes being made in Ministers across the world.

The first Scholarship programme event which took places in November 2015 was

a great success and was mainly focused on scholarships in the Gulf region.

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Empowering Women Bahrain

Under the theme "Empowering Women through Higher Education"

Registration now open

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The 10th Annual Gulf Education Conference and Exhibition 2019

In Saudi Arabia

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9th Gulf Education - Oman

Coming Soon

Our Partners

Gulf Conferences has established strategic partnership with leading international companies , governments and other organizations to meet its commitment in ensuring that every participant at every event has the opportunity to meet their target audience.

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Gulf Conferences is leading organiser of conferences for Education, Higher Education, Oil & Gas, investment and Major markets industry governments.

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